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This is where I keep all my adoptions for causes I support. Click on the certificates to visit the appropriate site and adopt a support logo for yourself.

Thankyou ladies!!


Read the Willis Family story
Read Molly's tragic story Read Molly's tragic story
Click on the image above to read this tragic story

This is the picture of little Kelsey. She was just 2 years old when her stepfather brutally beat her to death. Click on Kelsey's picture to read more about this tragic story. Children need protecting!!

Click HERE to read more about Kelsey

This is a little boy who is only 6 months old and requires a liver transplant. Click on the logo to read more about little Andy.






These support ribbons are for various causes and are available at Pixel by Pixel, amongst other places.

Help save the baby seals. Visit Care2 by clicking on the logo to the left and click to save the seals.


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