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this page is in memory of a little girl, Molly, aged 16 months.

Molly passed away under tragic circumstances and my heart goes out to her family.

They need all the support they can get and by visiting Molly's page, that her Grandmother has set up for her, and signing their Guestbook, you are giving that support.

I made a small graphic in memory of Molly and would be delighted if you would take it and dispaly it on your web site somewhere, linking it back to Justice for Molly, so others may be directed to Molly's pages and also leave their support for this heartbroken family.

Here is the graphic, along with the small certificate that you must link back to swt harmony graphics, so others may take the graphic too.

Please support this worth-while cause by sending me EMAIL replacing the AT with @ and requesting the graphics. Include the following information so I may add your web site to the list of those supporting this cause.

Your name:
Your web site URL:
Your email:

It only takes a few seconds of your time to save the image and upload it to your site. If you do not have a web site, still feel free to request the image and display it in your emails. As long as both the image and the certificate are displayed, it is fine.

Link the bear angel to Molly's pages

and the certificate to

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you from Molly's family for your support.

Click on the image to read Molly's tragic story.