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Please read the TERMS below before requesting membership.

TERMS of Membership

These terms are very simple and straight forward, and not much different to a lot of other membership sites.

***Please note!!

You must have a website where you can display your plaque. NO WEBSITE, NO MEMBERSHIP.


*NB* Your web site MUST be in English...I do not read any other languages and I do not have the time to translate pages.*

I am sorry to have these rules but if you can not display the members plaque, there is no point in having a membership and if I can not read your site I can not tell if you are abiding by my TOU.***

You must never share your Username or Password with anyone, This will result in your membership being terminated.

You must not pass any of the graphics from here around in MSN, Yahoo or Google Groups. Nor must you pass the adoptions or sigtags around to ANYONE including friends and family. If you know someone who would like a tag, either email me requesting the tag with the persons URL or ask them to visit my site themselves and request them.

I make these graphics for free, do not attempt to make a profit from them in any shape or form. That is copyright theft and a criminal offence.

Also ensure you have your members plaque displayed somewhere on your site and linked back to swt harmony graphics. I will be checking for the plaque and if it is not displayed your membership will be terminated until it is.

Here is the plaque you will receive complete with your name....

* Please be sure to have read the TERMS of membership above and my Terms of Use before requesting membership *

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