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Please read my TOU before downloading any of my graphics
Thank you
swt harmony



My TOU are very simple. By downloading any of the graphics here,
you are automatically agreeing to them.

If you are found to be in breach of these terms, you will be asked
to remove the images and your membership terminated.

You MAY....

Use the web sets, tubes or any other image, for personal use only.

Make tags, backgrounds, web sets etc from my outlines and offer them for download from your site, providing my copyright symbol stays in place, and a link back to my site is in place.

Please read update below!


Any of my outlines that you color may be used for IM letters, signature tags and adoptions etc, as long as they are for free, and as long as you give credit where credit is due, but they MUST be colored first! You CANNOT offer the outlines for download! Remember, these outlines are copyrighted to me so therefore I require a link back to my site. A graphic link or text link will be fine but it must be on the page where you you have the graphic displayed. There is no need for a link on each graphic, one on the page will be fine.Thankyou to Martine of Psp4All for bringing this to my attention! You CANNOT offer my websets, tubes or pixels for download on your site.

You MAY NOT...

Use anything from this site for any other site that contains
content associated with child abuse, racial hatred, any other form of abuse or any form of adult content including nudity and anything that is sexually orientated.

Make a profit in any form from any of my graphics.

Offer them for download on CD or for any form of profit or bartering.

If you wish to offer any of my graphics on a commercial basis, please email me.

Alter my graphics in any way, unless it is to add your own text to any blank buttons etc I may supply.

Please remember, a lot of my graphics are created from tutorials that others have written. Remember to respect all artists, and give credit where credit is due.

A link back to my site is required on each page a web set, or any graphics you download, is used.

Please use the link button provided with each set. Do not make your own.

These terms may be altered or added to at any time, so please read them often.

Thank you for visiting my site and for taking the time to read these terms.


swt harmony



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