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Here are the Sigtags I have to offer at present.
These can be used in emails, forums etc
but MUST be accompanied by a text link back to....
You can NOT alter these in any way,
including changing or adding anything to them.
They MUST be used as is.
Let me know when you request what name you would like on it.
If you request one of these for a friend
you MUST send me their details, including their URL,
so I can check if their site complies with my TOU.

Yellow Flower Fairy - Name change only

Moonfairy comes in 2 colors & with brown or blue eyes

Miss Lulu -Name change only

Flower Pot - Name change only

Blue Birds - Name change only

Rag Doll - Name change only

Rosa - Name change only

Valentine Heart - Name change only
Kana - Name change only

Heart Bear - Name change only
Spring Letter - Name change only
Easter Bunny - Name change only
Verona - Name change only
Reece - Name change & without 'Thankyou'


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